A Documenter Scene Top 20!. The Power Of Your Dream’

A Documenter Scene Top 20!.

The Power Of Your Dream’ 

“SCIENCE; Our Pick’s To You!”


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11. The World Of Hormones;

* Quantum De Briefs; There is a mysterious set of chemicals that flow through every part of our bodies our body they can rule our lives and shape our destinies they turn children into adults they govern our appetites and they even affect our passions they are called hormones and are fundamental in making us who we are.

Hormones shape each and every one of us, affecting almost every aspect of our lives – our height, our weight, our appetites, how we grow and reproduce, and even how we behave and feel. This documentary tells the wonderful and often weird story of how hormones were discovered. Presenter John Wass, one the country’s leading experts on hormones, relates some amazing stories – how as recently as the 19th century boys were castrated to keep their pure soprano voice, how juices were extracted from testicles in the hope they would rejuvenate old men and how true medical heroes like Frederick Banting discovered a way to make insulin, thus saving the lives of countless diabetes sufferers. And hormones remain at the cutting edge of medicine as we try and deal with modern scourges like obesity.

12. Looking Back At Earth;

* Quantum De Briefs; Any of us didn’t have any expectations about how it would give us such a different perspective. The focus had been that we were going to the stars and planets and suddenly we looked back at ourselves and it seems to imply a new kind of self awareness. One of the astronauts said: When we originally went on the moon our total focus was on the moon, we weren’t thinking about looking back at the Earth, but now that we’ve done it, that may well have been the most important reason we went.

The launch alone is overwhelming experience but when the engines cut off you start floating out of the seat. You float over to the window, look down and that’s the moment you realize that you’re in space. You start out with the idea of what is going to be like and finally when you look at the Earth for the first time you’re overwhelmed by how much more beautiful it really is when you see it for real.


13. Euro mania;  

* Quantum De Briefs; The European Union is rapidly becoming a more important part of the daily life of European citizens. National countries have decided to transfer important powers in an unprecedented way. Budgetright, energy policies, border control and monetary issues are all decided upon by Brussels. But what does this mean for people’s lives and how democratic is this development? Filmmaker Peter Vlemmix goes on a journey to uncover the core of the European project. Who pull the strings, what are the agenda’s for the next years and why is Euro-scepticism growing. Does the European Union provide a better life for European people, or is it benefiting a few? This is the question addressed by Euromania, a documentary film containing interviews with some of Europe’s most influential policy makers as well as personal stories from people directly touched by European decisions.

14. Theory Of Uncertain Principles; 

* Quantum De Briefs; Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle states that it is impossible to know both the exact position and the exact velocity of an object at the same time. However, the effect is tiny and so is only noticeable on a subatomic scale.

Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976) was a German physicist who helped to formulate quantum mechanics at the beginning of the 20th century. He first presented the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in February 1927 in a letter to Wolfgang Pauli, then published it later that year. Light can be considered as being made up of packets of energy called photons. To measure the position and velocity of any particle, you would first shine a light on it, then detect the reflection. On a macroscopic scale, the effect of photons on an object is insignificant. Unfortunately, on subatomic scales, the photons that hit the subatomic particle will cause it to move significantly, so although the position has been measured accurately, the velocity of the particle will have been altered.

By learning the position, you have rendered any information you previously had on the velocity useless. In other words, the observer affects the observed.

15. Endless Memory;

* Quantum De Briefs; Lesley Stahl reports on the recently discovered phenomenon of “superior autobiographical memory,” the ability to recall nearly every day of one’s life.

16. The Genius Of Britain; 

* Quantum De Briefing; Some of Britain’s great scientists and inventors have literally created the modern world, from the invention of the steam engine, computers and the world-wide web, to the discovery of the theory of evolution and the atom. The first programme begins 350 years ago when a small group of friends, colleagues and rivals defied everything that was known about the world at that time.

Stephen Hawking and Jim Al-Khalili explain how Isaac Newton saw mathematics at the root of everything, from gravity to light. James Dyson demonstrates Robert Boyle’s air pump, which revealed the life-giving invisible world around us, whose laws could be understood through experiment and reason. 

David Attenborough celebrates the many interests of Christopher Wren, who was best known as an architect, but was equally fascinated by surgery and astronomy. Richard Dawkins explores Robert Hooke’s revelatory microscopic world, and champions the virtues of a scientist whose name was almost wiped from the history books by men who despised him: most notably his arch-rival Newton. And Kathy Sykes charts Edmond Halley’s exploration of the stars, which helped Britain’s sailors to rule the waves.

17. Future; Brain; The Last Enigma; 

* Quantum De Brief; The human brain is the result of millions of years of evolution. Only 4% in the development of the neocortex separates us from chimpanzees, but this small difference has enabled us to have a greater capacity for communication and learning, to access knowledge. Scientific advances will get the answers to the great enigma on the functioning of our body where consciousness resides. A tour of the latest discoveries and the big questions that remain to reveal.

18. 9 Minutes; Before Space; 

* Quantum De Brief; 9 Minutes Before Space is Russian television production on preparations made by first time cosmonaut at Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan!

This documentary shows many aspects of the space flight, including some quite unique things like view of inside the Soyuz capsule during its re entry, how space technologies come back to Earth to resolve some problems here on the ground, the view from the top of the fuelled Soyuz rocket ready to go, and some other interesting stuff. The program captures cosmonaut’s immediate experience in a powerful way. A cosmonaut describes experience of extra gravity, during ascent, as a WARM BLANKET coming over you and after a while just can’t seem to catch your breath.

19. Most Of Our Universe Missing; 

* Quantum De Brief; There was a time, not so long ago, when science seemed to understand how the universe worked. Everything – us, the Earth, the stars and even exotic-sounding supernova – was made of atoms which were all created at time-zero: the Big Bang. In between the atoms was nothing, a void: quite literally, space. But recently things have started to unravel. There is, it seems, a lot more to the universe than meets the eye. According to the best estimates, we only really know what about 4% of it is made of.

20. The War On Consciousness; The Talk That Gave Ted Ingestion; 

* Quantum De Brief; We are told that the “War on Drugs” is being waged, on our behalf, by our governments and their armed bureaucracies and police forces, to save us from ourselves. “Potential for abuse and harm” are supposed to be the criteria by which the use of drugs is suppressed -the greater a drug’s potential for abuse and harm, the greater and more vigorous the degree of suppression, and the more draconian the penalties applied against its users.

In line with this scheme drugs are typically ranked into a hierarchy: Schedules I, II, and III in the US, Classes A, B, and C in the UK, and so on and so forth all around the world. Thus, to be arrested for possession of a Schedule I or Class A drug results in heavier penalties than possession of a Schedule III or Class C drug. Generally if a drug is deemed to have some currently accepted medical use it is likely to be placed in a lower schedule than if it has none, notwithstanding the fact that it may have potential for abuse or harm. In the absence of any recognized therapeutic effects, drugs that are highly addictive, such as heroin or crack cocaine, or drugs that are profoundly psychotropic, including hallucinogens such as LSD, psilocybin, or DMT, are almost universally placed in the highest schedules and their use attracts the heaviest penalties.

The notable exceptions to this system of ranking according to perceived “harms” are, of course, alcohol and tobacco, both highly addictive and harmful drugs – far more so than cannabis or psilocybin, for example – but yet socially accepted on the grounds of long customary use and thus not placed in any schedule at all.

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