The Power And The Fury (EDEN CHRONICLES BOOK 1)

EDEN Chronicles Book 1 

The Power & The Fury

By James Erith.

The prophecy of EDEN was created to determine whether mankind was ready for its next stage of development; a test of strength, courage & intelligence; designed for the strongest men…,

,…thousands of years later, Isabella, Archie & Daisy de Lowe receive a series of vivid dreams & ‘gifts’ of unusual power. As a huge storm brews overhead, the children figure that they must survive until sundown, or the storm will rage for 40 days & 40 nights – exactly as their nightmares suggested. 

But this is no ordinary storm…, & it’s not just the storm which is out to get them…, Do they have the strenght, the skill & the know how to survive? The Power & The Fury Is Just The Beginning.

– “Let The EDEN Chronicles Begin…,”

Chapter 1:

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