The Brain & DMT (Understanding The Connection)

The Brain & DMT (Understanding The Connection)

This post includes reference to a number of a series of videos published on YouTube regarding ascension.

Much credit is found to be given to the compound DMT & The Pineal Gland Function that hereby the body is also known to be produced naturally by the human organism in small quantities that is subjected to help accelerate and induce experiences related to ascension and knowledge accumulation and understanding of the topic.

I have included one video by this co author but you may explore all his series posted and available on YouTube which can be found by searching all relevant videos to the post here. Regarding this particular subject i found personally those videos accuracy in the provided content informational concepts and relatively simplistic to understand and begin to apply some of the theoretical concepts introduced into your own personal development scope of work for achieving your purpose in your very own meaningful approach of life.

I have also included a further video below that looks at the defined element or compound DMT and scientific theory behind its reactions in our organism by expert opinions, judgments and assumptions.

YouTube Video Link; DMT The Spirit Molecule


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