The Handbook of the navigator

Chapter 2: “The Way of The White Cell”

We talk about the term “Navigator

Perhaps you are wondering what the Navigator is…

And what it means to you…

You have known your entire life that you are here
to serve a greater purpose…

What you do not know is exactly what that purpose
is or what the driving force behind it is.

Yet, ever since you were young, you have been
aware of it…

Like an old memory… Or a name on the tip of your

The Navigator is the part of you that gives you that
knowledge… It is a part of the higher consciousness
that directs you into a process of awakening.

As you become aware of the Navigator, it gives you
the courage to be what you must.

It is a sense within you directs you as if it were
a compass navigating your essence.

Your Navigator guides you and gives you the strength
to achieve your destiny…

Begin your journey by reading a full chapter from the
Handbook of the Navigator for a glimpse into the destiny
of a navigator

The Handbook of the Navigator is a groundbreaking guide
to understanding God and your purpose within the Universe.

It is time to remember who you really are…

It is time to awaken… 

Good Journeys,

If you enjoyed the chapter 2 introduced above you may wish to access the full handbook of the navigator or request further information on remaning chapters i can only recommend you contact the author Eric Pepin via his email;


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