Savant-like skills in normal people using magnetics

– “Superhuman intelligence through magnetic stimulation.”

In Brief Summary;

1. The observer takes normal people and runs them through a series of tests.

“The best one is where a screen filled with random dots appears for a few seconds and they have to calculate how many dots there are, 60, 126, 208…”

2. The first time through is a total fail.

3. Then magnetic stimulation is applied to the brain for 15 minutes and the subject runs through the same tests.

“The results are unbelievable.”

But that’s not the most exciting part that hit me. What got me later is they didn’t really alter the makeup of his brain at all. The brain normally produces an electromagnetic field. Every time a neuron fires, it disrupts this field.

In 15 minutes, this normal guy… suddenly possessed this increase in creativity, observation and mathematical ability. How can he become practically a ‘new’ person in 15 minutes, if he did not already possess those qualities?

We assume whatever we are born with, we can only change so much. “Geniuses are geniuses”. We can study, work hard, but that’s about it.

In a very real way, this challenges that “If a machine can alter his brain in a few minutes, to some savant-like level, why isn’t there a way to do it yourself?

“It’s an interesting question, I believe you can, but the question is how and to what degree.”


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