Egyptian Initiate Journey of The Soul

Your Soul Journey has began into;

The Egyptian Initiation;

Initiations are about remembering your soul’s purpose and on its journey into awareness. We experience many initiations in our life each bringing us one step closer to the truth. There are many temples of the body, mind, and soul. It is here we access information that links past … present … and future… where time stands still and all is understood. Come with me to the land of K hem whose secrets reflect in the alchemy and geometry of the Ancients. Today you are the Initiate.

Walk with El-Amaan, a Priest from the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools 

The Keepers of the Sacred Knowledge

Enter the Heart of the Sphinx.You descend 13 stone steps.

You enter a system of catacombs with walls that
display symbols linked to Earth and another world.

As you slowly walk through the catacombs … you study these hieroglyphic symbols that tell a story.
You stop and touch the patterns … their messages awakening something within your soul.
It is all so familiar … and part of your journey.

You are joined by Anubis.

It is a time of rebirth and resurrection.

You walk past a sarcophagus that was sealed for all time.

You study the stone sarcophagus trying to remember how to open it.
You push in on the pattern on the top allowing the hermetic seal to
be released. The top slides to one side. Within you find the mummified
remains of one who must rise now from the ashes and fulfill their destiny.

It is your soul spiraling out – Merkabah – Star Tetrahedron

Anubis takes you to the Temple of Osiris.

You walk to him as once you had when it all began…
This huge god-figure places his hand on your head.
A blast of light floods your mind accompanied by strange images and tones.
You collapse to the floor … the power of the experience overwhelming you.

You awaken in the Temple of Isis.

Priests and priestesses surround the Goddess
who beckons you to come to her.
She looks into your eyes a knowing exchange.

This is the time of your final destiny.

Isis walks to you.
You join God and Goddess and the Ancients of Old.

You follow them into another chamber.

The Symbols are all here.

Go back…
Can you decipher them?, before moving forward.

That was the Time of Old.
We come to the Place of New.

You may enter the Star-gate of the Ancients.

And now my friend…you have come a long way. Your soul has experienced much.
It is time for the Initiation of the Crystals. The priests stand before you.

You must remember how to activate the crystals to move forward.

Close your eyes and see yourself as once you were.
Go to your place of inner knowing to work with the crystals.
If chosen correctly you will move to the place of creation
where god and goddess assemble using the electromagnetic
forces of the universe to activate and create another sphere of
consciousness through which the souls will return to experience.

& Now Your Initiation in an Egyptian Pyramid;

We are drawn to certain grid points to trigger our memories. Though we can not always visit these places in the physical body, we can visit through meditation, taking us back to a time we were initiated there. Initiates of the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries Schools are awakening their memories in the time before time. They will be guided to initiations to that end.

Prepare as you would for Meditation.

Relax … Your Mind … Your Body

See yourself floating above a Great Pyramid.

You sense the energies of the pyramid … its shape, its power.

Open your mind to expand into the energies.

You sense a time reference

past, present, future

perhaps no time at all.

You enter the pyramid and look around.

It is all so familiar.

You look at the walls . .  the hieroglyphic writings.

You pause and place your hand over
an image to make a connection.

You pass through many chambers in the pyramid
until you enter an area that is familiar to you.

You are greeted by another who has come to Initiate you
with greater awareness and understanding of your purpose now.

You release the strapping’s of the physical
world and journey forth into another realm.

A pool of water is before you.
You look into the pool and see yourself.

Intuitively you enter the pool.

You slowly walk from one side of a long rectangular pool to the
far end gazing into the water as your reflection continues to change.

You bathe in the energies of the water
as you move forward.

When you reach the far end
you walk up 4 step to exist

Your clothing has suddenly changed
as has your appearance.

Images form in your consciousness
and all becomes clear.

You remember who you are
your connection to Ancient Egypt and the
teachings of the ancient mystery schools.

You are about to be initiated on all levels of consciousness.

Thoth Joins you

You walk with him to a secret chamber in which you see an altar.

On the altar is the Book that explains
the ancient mystery school teachings
based on the patterns of sacred geometry.

Thoth leaves you to read this ancient text that transcends time and space.
It is the Hall of Records
the ancient blueprint that explains who you are and why you are here now.

You place your hand on the book.

White light emerges from the book as you absorb
the sacred knowledge into your unconscious mind.

Remember the Beginning.

Remember the Hologram.

Remember who you are.

Remember the end.

The Final Journey is your Initiation With Priestess Nefertiti ;

Welcome to the Temple of Nefertiti

Today you are an Initiate of the ancient mystery school teachings of Nefertiti.

Close your eyes.

Relax your body.

Quiet your mind.

Breath slowly and deeply.
Inhale through your nose then
exhale through your mouth.

Close your eyes.

Behold … you see the wheel of alchemy and time.

The cones of the wheel begin to spin counterclockwise.
taking you back in time to days of the Initiates in Ancient Egypt.

Before you is the ancient Temple of Nefertiti.

Enter the temple.

Pause and allow your entire being to experience its energies.

You experience objects, entities, sounds, fragrances, a feeling of deja vu…

See before is a pool of water.

Enter the pool.

Feel your garments dissolve away.

Remain in the pool as long as you like, experiencing its energies.

When you feel complete, walk out of the pool on the other side
dressed in a garment made of sacred threads and stones.

Before you is the Priestess Nefertiti here to take you on a sacred journey.

You walk together past walls engraved with ancient symbols.

As you touch each one, a hologram appears,

The holograms are the codes of the Ancients Creators.

Read them one by one.

Remember their messages.

Continue your journey with Nefertiti, one that will alter your destiny forever.

Remain as long as you like, for time does not exist in the Temple of the Nefertiti.

Final Destination NEFERTITI


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