Expressing Political, Economical & Social Stats & Views (3)

Integrated inner of the outer Perceptions – Part 3 of 3:

– “expressed in foundation of truths & lies by Beliefs & Faith”

Plain Sight

“How Loud Do You Voice Your Opinion”

Today, Tomorrow or Never

“You Are The Cause! Believe It!”

The Notion of National Lies

“Nonsense & Pride”

The Link Between You

“Forever However”

Predictions Stop Here

“Plausible Decisions” 

No Escapees


Punishment A Way To Forgiveness

“Be Kind & Helpful”

Run Out Of Luck?

“No Sacrifice Here, Just Another Home Grown Survivor”

Financial Redemption

“How does it look?” 

A Responsibility 

“Led by Your Example”

Whoops I Missed

“Your Graduation, Lesson Learnt”

Peace, Calm & Nature

“The Flooding of Thought”

Intelligence Gathering

“What Does That Make You?”


“Who’s In Command”

Freshly Pressed Old News

“Give It Meaning To Go Forth With Potential”

Royalty Rule

“You Are Out of Your Place”

In depth Silence & Communion 

“Raise Your Speech No To Suffering”

World Order


The Production Of Human Intelligence

“Nobody Knows”

Keys To Power

“How Much Is It Worth? Priceless Life”


“Your Poison” 

Alliance or Reliability

“Not To Be Defiant” 

The Winning Team

“Me, You & Him”


“Action Vs Effort”


“Global Impact”

The Rooted Truth

“Loyalty, A Form of Responsible Actions” 

Dog Eat Dog

“Mankind, The Bigger Part of Me”

Get Involved

“A Treaty Is Required”

Belief & The Cost Of Pride

“Do You Want To Make A Change?”


“Distance Is No Match”

Commitment To Security

“A Possible Threat”

You Or Me

“One Goal To Victory”

Hazards Repairs

“Damaged Goods”

A Warning To Kill

“Weapons & Choices”

The Rise Of Mankind

“Hiding In A Nut Shell”


“Cruelty Reminders of Negotiations”

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