Time stepping Live from Eric Pepin.

A chance to dive into the secrets of time, and learn a technique live from Eric Pepin?

How to communicate and receive guidance from your future self and send messages and direction to your past self.

f you can accept time is non-linear (doesn’t happen in a straight, chronological line) then you are past the first hurdle.

Time stepping works differently than you might expect. You begin by sending strong impulses to reinforce good choices, or correct bad ones, to the past. In the present you start trying to listen and follow these signals that may be coming from your future.

The more you do it, the more you open the feedback loop and bridge deeper communication to your future self.

Using time to impact your present self in a positive way has huge possibilities. So huge, in fact, it can quickly be dismissed as too ‘out there’. That’s why it’s best to start small.

Eric will lead you through Time stepping and take questions live! Once you begin you will find it is simple to do, and uncanny to experience.

Click Link Here to Join Eric live this Tuesday, December 10th at 5:30 PM Pacific Time.

In the link above here You will find;

Step 1: Guided Technique – Gods Healing.

Step 2: Live event Eric Pepin On Time Stepping.

Step 3: Guided Technique – Self Healing Session.

Step 4: Silent Awakening.

Brought to you by the Higher Balance Team Silent Awakening: True Telepathy, Effective Energy Healing and the Journey to Infinite Awareness

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