Expressing Political, Economical & Social Stats & Views

Integrated inner of the outer Perceptions – Part 1 of 3:

– “expressed in foundation of truths & lies by Beliefs & Faith”

The Anatomy of The Middle East:

– “A Story Tells a Thousand Words”

Universal Law & Understanding:

– “Limits & Boundaries Of Achievements & Failure.”

The Reality of Evolution:

– “How do you maintain power? Where does the knowledge grow?” 

The Complexity:

– “To Act in life without knowing is a lesson, Yet To Act is to obey & understand.” 

Who are we? What defines us?:

– “Wants, Need Proclaimed Union or Rights?”

Time to motivate:

– “Mankind has found Truth in Reality – What he/she beliefs is done & is therefore working towards success.” 


– “I myself am independent of the truth seeker & keeper of truths. What role do you play?”

Class Potential: 

– “Life Support requires Oxygen”

Decision Making, Your Role:

– “Social, Economical & Political Pain of becoming responsible.”

Who Are You? What defines You?:

– “Wisdom of life contributes to all the teachings for your purpose to fulfill of What to believe in life?.” 

Negative Balance & Responsibility:

– “Union has its individual power of emotions including hatred.”

Rescued or Resurrected?:

– “Where do you seek your leadership?”

Your Life Story begins & ends Now:

– “Shocking Discovery of The Death of an Angel, Isn’t it?” 

Discover Creation:

– “Who is my God? Bringing my salvation forth. “

Voice Your Opinion:

– “Debate Your Spoken Language, so speak when heard. Or so be it! Of silence!”

Reach Your Enemy:

– “Diplomacy or Relatively Demotivated Mannerism towards an enemy of the state becoming Your Ally?” 

Buying Power, Mining for Gold:

– “Fight for your right to register your freedom of rights purchase.”

Historic Event;

– “The Whom of life – “are they to begin?”

Time Acceptance:

– “That of All That Is Within Your Willingness & Life’s Desire”


– “Changing lives forever, Shaping the future & rewriting history”

Leadership or Committed to creation? A Powerful legislation:

– “To the life that died, To me it shall remain”

A Winners perception:

“Is to make you always lose, Are you a warrior? (war-worrier)”

Combat Master A Tactical Approach: 

– “In Self defense of the attacking opposition, Self clarity & realization practiced


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