Understanding ancient mysteries

The Karma system is neutral. It favors none, discriminate against none. The Karma database is self-sustaining and also the most grand intelligence system with powerful analytical queries that produce the fate of its subject instantly. Its decision cannot be challenged.

QuestionHow the Law of Karma governs?

AnswerLaw of Karma is eternal. You are who you are due to your past actions. Your present is partially in your hands. Your future is totally in your hands. You decide your future or destiny.

You need to be engaged in work assigned to you for the welfare of living beings. The severity is proportional to the count of living being your action impact adversely.

Once an official saw a monk hanging on a branch of a big tree.

The official was curious to know what monk was doing in such a precarious position.

“You are in more precarious situation than me. If I make a careless move, I alone will die. But if you commit a blunder, thousands of lives will be in danger,” explained the monk.

One needs to be more careful when one is powerful and responsible for the welfare of others. Ego and arrogance create the illusion of creating a parallel God out of you.

Ancient Egyptians Modeled the Advanced Science Behind Karma Read the article published by i-news-wire. Click the link here or image below.



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