Recommendations of Forums & Discussions Blogs

This Post Section Includes a recent update of the choice of the selective Discussion Blogs & Forums of Online Communities that are known to be actively participating with online updates and usually with an ongoingly active users involvement that are engaged in discussing some of the ideas that have inspired this blog & are explored by the Quantum Energy Process Blog posts publications these are generally known to fit the categorization as scientific views that are generally based on evidence or the more faith & belief inspired topics by spirituality and enlightenment.

“View of Thought”

Exploring some of the topics & topic ideas found on the selective online communities of blogs & forums and which are then selectively chosen to be engaged in & involved by posting on this blog in different or some what similar context as the trending topics that are chosen on such online communities that are prioritized by interest and then discussed on the online communities and this information is engaged on this blog according to the discussions or on the Quantum Energy Process Blog.

“Movement of Thought”

The recommended forums and blogs may also contain various relevant content to the topics of our interest and included in the engaging material in post publications. The downloadable content material usefully found is in varying formats such as video, e books, image galleries or e articles.

The First Active Spiritual Community inspirational to the blogs content is Speaking Tree India.

“What of Thought”

This is an interactive community that presents content material media in the form of Videos, E-Books, Image galleries, E-Articles, and includes discussions on forums & blogs with a strong focus on India’s spiritual belief structures & core values. There is much more part of what is presented here about this community and lots of informed and engagement with people from India & this includes a diverse of ways of life & ideas and includes gurus or masters of enlightenment by faith of spiritual origin that are also engaging in discussions.

“Guru of Thought”

I have engaged numerous of times on Spiritual Tree India discussions with insightful inputs and valuable feedback received on many occasions, I have an active profile page that includes photos, profile description and daily statues updates, all my activity to responses on discussions or forums that can be monitored and viewed by users or non users of the site to track my comments and the topics i follow and respond to. You may also request for me to respond to a particular thread discussion that i will try and attend to if it is of particular interest to you. Visit my profile page click on Spiritual Tree India to view this information online or you may even wish to engage in discussions yourself by registering with the site.

“Change of Thought”

As i said i find many of the topics presented here on Spiritual Tree India as insightful discussions with valuable inputs by participants a common trend, you may wish to ask your own questions or present your own topics that you would like feedback on. This is a large community with a large number of active users that can be very beneficial in understanding some topics related to our coexistence or soul journey enlightenment path way of understanding. Please take the time to complete the following survey regarding your activity. You may also wish to add comments & suggestions related to this post, your feedback is valued to improve future similar posts.


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