Mind Consciousness Tools

Music & Sound Therapy Explored “hearing is believing”;

“Moves You or Them”

This Section aims to introduce sound vibration tools available for emulating the many various frequencies of sound waves that when listening to them the audio sound will change your ether subconsciousness energetic field effecting your three dimensional body as you begin to adapt to the change in frequencies of the newly introduced & experienced sound waves of vibration.

Different frequencies have known different effects on the state of the emotional, spiritual & physical body.

“Effect On You”

The vibration frequencies of sound of these audio / video clips have known effects on changing the thought & behavior patterns & healing properties of the consciousness & sub consciousness of the mind changing the realization of the awareness and function of the mind relevant to the spiritual & physical body connection between mind and matter.

“Changing Thought”

The sounds of Whales & Dolphins are sampled in this YouTube clip producing healing & relaxation properties. Similarly other sounds of various animals & nature have the same properties.

Different YouTube video sound clips target different effects according to the purpose with resulting of the changing in your energetic vibration field frequency & the adjusting the emotional, mental, spiritual & physical body and mind.

An audio / video of a guided meditation will result in changes of thought and process of the mind. The changes in the minds perception of thought & memory in the time of the present, past & future momentum of the spiritually & emotionally sustainable  adaptation of the knowledge that is uniformly resulted due to the newly experienced form of matter of consciousnesses & subconsciousness. 

The following is a guided meditation one of many that focuses your minds journey to meet your spirit guides. Other audio / video files may include for relaxation or sleep purposes.

Another purpose of such clips may include emotional, physical & spiritual energetic cleansing &/or healing by the various sound wave vibration frequency levels known to achieve such empowerment set of results.

Such an example includes of the following that is a Angle Contact of a light body activation & crystal chakra cleansing.

Religious scriptures that are recited from the original text such as of the bible or quran and the audio or video files recorded & are made available for the understanding of higher knowledge attainment and enlightenment for adjustments of the esoteric bodies of knowledge.

“Of resulting inner peace”

The Quran recitation of Surat Rahman – “Beautiful & Heart Trembling”

The properties of sound frequencies & the effects on our minds & experience are known. On this blog page similar posts will be made exploring the various attributes of sound clips and the effects that are known that have various properties effecting our mind, body & spirit.

The last example posted here that contains the effects of sound frequency properties is the one hour delta healing specifically for nerve pain by the use of numerous sound beats such as Isocronic beats & Solfeggio beats.

This post has sampled examples of a very few selective focuses of examples of sound frequency purposes available on YouTube.

“See Sound Thought”


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