Watch The Ancient Alien Truth

A YouTube Video selected as part of media posts relevant & further more informative to the blogs discussion material & posts publications on Quantum Energy Process Blog.

The first set of videos have been uploaded on YouTube and are a series of 1-5 Seasons each Season contains several number of episodes. The name of this series is Ancient Aliens and has made great popularity with viewers on the History Channel.

It is a very interesting compilation of a set of expert opinions and informative facts that explore our History on this planet and therefore always reminding and asking about our key origins that has lead us to the current situation.

I find this series very engaging and well presented and recommend you watch several episodes that might be of particular interest. It is always best to start from the beginning or episode 1 season 1 and work towards season 5 in ascending order. This is not a mandatory as each episode tells a story and the bigger picture is easily pieced together when all episodes are viewed.


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