Ancient Egypt Understanding, The Universal Laws of Existence

Ancient Egypt Understanding, The Universal Laws of Existence

A Previously Published YouTube Video Post on this blog titled “Series of Ancient Egyptian truths” encounters a number of videos available by the same author & narrator that seeks to inform the viewer of one of the very first ancient civilization known to have existed to man and its methodology & ideology that has belonged to the ancient civilization or whom were otherwise commonly known as “The Pharaohs” and existed part of the ancient Egyptian civilization era.

Symbolic & Power 

These videos have proposed & presented the informative conceptual ideas, that attempts the key examination & logical explanation of the knowledge of the truth known by the ancient Egyptians.

The videos seek to uncover the information known to be of the truths of mainly “the laws of the universe”  & this understanding has been recorded by the ancient Egyptians.

Birth & Belief

Arguably the information of the resulting scripture that has been recorded & the understandings that are thought to have been uncovered in the present day of our knowledge is communicated to the viewer in these videos according to the one of few or many  interpretations of the claim to knowledge that has been uncovered.

Some of this knowledge is understood to have been uncovered & is known to be the truth by many or some or else it has been simply interpreted to be otherwise & far from the truth and therefore simply remains to belong to the collection of one of the many theories that exist.

As this knowledge may be found to be encrypted on many levels & therefore could be misunderstood which is due to the clever use of inscribing by the ancient Egyptians depending on their intended use of the knowledge and for the preservation techniques to achieve secretive storage of the information containing the knowledge & its power and this knowledge partially or completely remains only known to the ancient Egyptians.

Life & Death

This knowledge has been found to either be as clearly inscribed & understood partially or completely or otherwise the belief that it remains unknown & misinterpreted.

Of the ancient knowledge that remains on record, how much is correctly understood to be truth if so then what is misunderstood or still remains unknown.  

The following video is a series of additional collections of videos to the previously posted Video of “Series of Ancient Egyptian truths” these are 2 videos of a cycle of lectures that examines the Egyptian Myths & Mysteries by Rudolf Steiner.


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