Reincarnation A Part of Your Faith? & Who Where You in that life?

Image Gallery & Narration of Faith

Your Birth

The following publication is a post of several images taken from an image gallery with a brief somewhat informative description about the journey of a soul as explained within some set of beliefs & teachings of this journey.

A Selection of images from the complete gallery have been selected and are discussed in depth on this post to try and present or communicate a greater understanding of the souls beliefs & faiths in participating in the evolution of creation including the physical mind,body & spirit and this truth of the teachings of the faiths is the knowledge of  how we can be perceived of our beliefs & faiths between individual & collective similarities & indifference.

We look forward to your feedback on this blog and related posts so feel free to comment & leave suggestions on this current post or on other publication posts on this blog. The image gallery has been included towards the end of the discussions of the selected image. This discussion was inspired by the image gallery uploaded & made available on the Speaking Tree Community web site. To visit Speaking Tree Community click here, otherwise you may visit the image gallery on Speaking Tree by clicking here or else you may wish to view many similar resources on Speaking Tree.

Reincarnation; Who were you in past lives?

Journey through my time

Here we present an image gallery to highlight & express that which explores the various surrounding issues & methods of related ones of being to the belief system of a physical body that has undergone “Reincarnation” into the life of your current being of this time or even the possibility of the many other occasions of being of lifetimes making this really a true measure & test of personal faith and the capacity of the ability the human mind has in defining the purpose of your lifetime being and the experiences undergone within each of the many single lifetimes of conciseness with the knowledge of awareness of the physical presence of matter in conciseness. This is one of the many single perception of thoughts created by the mind to understand the approach & method that recognizes your past life self and its presence of being able to understand the many different connections that are made by the higher self and are explained by the mind or individual self by bridging this understanding between the present being in existence of the very lifetime he/she questions & is in doubt of the path & understanding of the past moment of origin in the life cycle of existence. We will explore the A) myths behind the statements of understanding that are made & Analyse an overview of the possibility of B) fact taken as an approach mindful of the possibility of the presence of myths behind the factual statements of the present being.

1. The Myth of Believers

What will you believe? 

A – MYTH) If you’ve ever wondered why a new place you visit feels strangely familiar – or a person you’ve just met, you sort of know – it’s a feeling of familiarity which can’t be explained. It could well be you’re touching on one of your past lives.

B – FACT) To explain a basic view of the occurring mind sets of informed perceptions that always favor the souls current experience positively & the perceptions are preconceived by being identified through the communicating of the understanding of the perceptions of the brain of the experience & this understanding is the complete current lifetime of experience that is greatly emphasized to the capability & lifetime soul volume capacity of the approaching wisdom in truth to enlighten the evolution of the soul & can be clearly known by the knowledge provided by the experience in this current lifetime.  The Fact is Experience is acknowledged as the part of the lifetime cycle and your perceptions by the mind of this life due to the experience formation of results & the therefore the foundation of your knowledge is of your true faith and wisdom of life knowledge that only you can experience to understand this wisdom the way your mind has chosen to preconceive the understanding exposed to by the soul.

My Overview) Do i believe in past life’s? Sure if my faith has chosen my experiences that include many experiences in current lifetimes & in other dimensions of the past, present & potential future as time is not linear anymore within my evolutionary gab of enlightenment therefore they are complete choices of the greater biodiversity of life’s cycle & human evolution to understand the truth between my souls identity of chosen path journey of the exposure to the knowledge available & therefore begin to understand greater universal truth by the experiences of my choices with the understanding of the greater purpose of such enlightenment. From this conclusion you can see their is within my mind their is no right or wrong of the experience you chose to have on your path of enlightenment & the understanding you will gain on this journey. The power of your life is in your hands and always has been that way, so take this power or flower of life & understand it the way you want to experience this present lifetime cycle. 

What is Reincarnation?

Your Time, Is my Time

Reincarnation is a belief in resurrection of one’s soul, in other words, when people die, their bodies decompose but their souls are reborn into other bodies. It is said that human subconscious always keeps some dim memories of previous life. However, only very few people can bring back those memories. Reincarnation is the religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body depending on the moral quality of the previous life’s actions.

Beliefs are the believers 

MYTH or FACT & My overview) This religious Myth can be seen as Fact by some whom look internally towards the understanding of the soul of the level of faith it has attained within its belief of the true higher self or the part of its knowing of the intelligence in design by the knowledge the soul has attained through the present lifetime to be enlightened by the wisdom of the teachings of experience and therefore if we wish to seek out the presence of experience & the human choice of coexistence it begins to represent the present moment of human being in a valid moment or presence explained by his/her reality teachings & the knowledge of wisdom of life’s experience participating in at least a single conscienceless lifetime proving that they have chosen the cycle of birth even if though this choice is attained without the participation of creation or even co creation by adopted the recollection of lifetime memories that they begin to examine by using the heart of the mind or the breath of the soul the realization of an awareness of life begins to coexist with that life is a cycle that is eternal without start or ending with linear or dimensional time frames restrict the reality creation and begin to unveil the reality of illusion and restrictions with the greater soul purpose of enlightenment and growth of the consciousness mind by the influence of choice by experience of that knowledge that provides inner teachings to each individual soul. Consciousness is the formation of knowledge that residues internally within the spirit of the heart located in the soul this reacts to the minds physical body of matter & spirit to complete requirements of the lifetime needs or teachings.

Karma; The Cause of Reincarnation

Whats Symbolic to You

Karma; The cause of reincarnation; According to the Hindu religious and philosophical concepts, man is composed of two fundamental principles opposed to each other per nature: one spiritual, the soul (atman), and the other material, the body (sarira). The atman is eternal, immutable, not born, not created, indestructible; instead, the body is temporal, created, mutable and destructible. The union between atman and body is not essential, but is accidental. It is a type of imprisonment or a penalty which the atman has to undergo due to avidya and karma.

– MYTH or FACT) You decide? As previously seen in our participation of human existence we have chosen this lifetime birth or presence with our consciousness or subconscious awareness of the knowledge of such teachings to our soul journey, we are always given the ability to make choices throughout our lifetime on many levels of dimensional realities of existence & different formations of bonding between the formats of understandings and between the experience of the soul available for the experience of the chosen existence and the choices of experience that have now become available towards the choices the soul is enlightened to perform depends on within the evolution part of the growth made available by the soul & is acceptable by the universal human laws of the varies dimensional realms of experience & to begin the basis of the human aspect of existence in fragmented parts of understanding of knowledge by the soul to function in the choice of reality of the accepted creation & co-creation evolution role that’s always according to the souls evolution & the laws it has manifested itself by beginning to experience the laws of the souls creations & understandings resulting on the formation of the lifetime of consciousness knowledge the soul has chosen to experience by manifesting itself into formation of creation with a particular set of universal laws to adhere by according to the evolution.

Having A Choice is better than Not Having Choice

My Overview) My personal opinion as explained above of the shown path way of the experience of the soul begins as it evolves with the believe in the knowledge & having the experience of creation to continue the choice making of our journey to the path of evolution of knowledge within the boundaries of existence that accepts our choices & existence between the co-creation laws we create according to our evolution. So therefore according to this explanation what is karma? It is the limitations of co creation according to evolutionary stage. The choice to participate by our soul in such karmic teachings or otherwise refereed to as limitations of choice will effect our karmic lessons that our experiences bring forth in our evolution in the form of knowledge. This knowledge will impact the new birth cycle and therefore the choices of experience are created within the karmic limitations of creation of choice and hence we acquire new karmic lessons that reflect the choices we make in co creation by the limitation of our choices to experience the knowledge of the karmic lessons.  So does karma exist?  Yes otherwise maybe seen as the co creation of life lessons that help us by teachings through the experience of what we will get & this is where we our soul knowingly wants to go.

Are You A Believer of What If?

Karma; The Cause of Reincarnation

Avidya signifies ignorance, ignorance of the true nature of atman or of the distorted vision in which the atman identifies itself or confounds itself with the psycho-physical organism. Due to avidya, the atman which is eternal and non-temporal, is caught up in time; gets joined to physical body. Birth is the union of the eternal and spiritual atman with the material and earthly body.

MYTH or FACT & My overview) The key question of the Karmic journey & its teachings that we embark on and are viewed or found in the many forms of teachings including science & philosophy, the ancient scriptures & the teachings of all beliefs others include some of the modern mainstream religions that we are familiar with including Islamic Faith & Practice, & Christianity Beliefs & Systems in which all the role of karma & its teachings can be observed & seen to play a viable & vital role in shaping any core values of the set of beliefs given by the teachings and always found by the attained knowledge of the evolutionary soul of experience of choices of a souls journey all in accordance with the basic teachings & understanding of karmic laws of the limitations previously discussed with a strong emphasis on the karmic teachings that challenge the soul to experience its eternal existence between many lifetimes of evolution to realize the soul purpose of the superior eternal existence of its part in co creation and creation by understanding the nature and laws that include the universal potential of laws of experience the soul can attain. So the question we ask is when & how did karmic laws become part of the universal truth or otherwise if we simply can answer the question of When did karma start to exists?

Is Karma Time?

Past life in early Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism;

Belief Is the Connection of Power

In Rigveda, numerous references are made to transmigration, re-birth (punar janma), and re-death (punar mroityu). It is believed that the origin of the concept of the cycle of birth and death, the concept of samsara, and the concept of liberation in the Indian tradition, were in part the creation of the non-Vedic Shramana tradition.

MYTH or FACT) The Myth part of this dialogue discusses the beliefs of the religious teachings as the theory has implications of understanding that can be seen in my view as the question that asks how do we define the natural cycle of the death as this process is of the ideology behind becoming part of individual one or a handful of collective experiences that are removed by the process of Death is formed by the journey of the soul erasing the memory bank of the souls lifetime the memory of a soul consciousness is assumed to be likened to as the removal of associated to physical objects and of all the content of the matter is removed this then leaves the only form of existence of the life our soul has experienced and the choices are made to experience the rebirth of the new life the results of all rebirth of everything within the memory & the soul knowledge is once again part of an attained growth by the soul on its evolutionary journey by the souls consciousness part of the matter recognizing the dark matter of memory that it begins to dissociate itself from even thought this process of the death of the souls memory that is formed by matter the part that explains the memory of the how part event is erased & the rebirth of completely new memories and thoughts guided by the more positive inner soul wisdom & knowledge that is reserved to be attained at greater levels in the new life of the soul & opportunity of the choices that can be made to sustain the eternal  nature of the soul & decisions to experience the choices that are within the applicable cosmic laws that have been birthed at the new sun or undergoing the Ascension process at the birth of the duration of that lifetime that will always remain a fact.

The Fact of Religion Is Truth

My overview) In simple terms the religious faiths mentioned have and are generally part of a collective teaching that preaches the life & death process is undergone by the soul migration between bodies & this leads to new experiences of rebirth of new lifetime and incorporating new soul journeys and purposes that seek to establish greater evolutionary opportunities & meet any previous incomplete challenges that have been faced. My view above has began by recognizing the myths of the teachings by asking the questions such as what is death? does death exist? and i conclude my answer by concluding their is no meaning in death or its teachings for the soul i migrate from the myths of deaths to then the facts of life about my opinion and brief intro of information presented here regarding the beliefs of the teachings that have established the core values of experience based on always new life choices of the complete rebirth of the soul & the new available opportunities of existing soul journeys & the growth for development in co creating & creating by the participation in the soul evolution always or eternally seeking new paths to enlightenment.

Your Grander Purpose of Light

Past life in early Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism;

Is The Purpose of Death, Life?

In Jainism, the soul and matter are considered eternal, UN-created and perpetual. There is a constant interplay between the two, resulting in bewildering cosmic manifestations in material, psychic and emotional spheres around us. This led to the theories of transmigration and rebirth. The life, after death therefore moves on to another form of life based on the merits and demerits it accumulated in its current life. The path to becoming a supreme soul is to practice non-violence and be truthful.

Our Past Time Speaks to Our Destiny

Myth or Fact & My overview;

Enlightened souls & their spiritual journey will always be a great experience & story, the great part of the teachings of karma that can be applied in practice & is taught today globally with a highly competitive building market a reputation those among-est industry leaders are able to earn an evolutionary process in place of understanding the connection of your body and this will then result in the resonating of part and with the evolutionary knowledge provided & the experience in practical terms of reality that can influence the many different states of mind & consciousness a person can be on also resulting on impacting the body. The mind remains locked for many in a journey performed by some of the clients this human conditioning is a resurrection of the spirit by God that shifts the perception of focus and the reality you function within grows.

Are You Able to find Your Truth amongest US?

The soul purpose of life is a sustainable path way to eternity & its the souls journey of knowledge & higher wisdom to enlighten the understanding of individuality & collectiveness complete wholeness and the oneness of the ones function to make the best choices for each individual of the life experience participated towards the growth of the knowledge to attain your higher self accesses of the complex & fragile mind within the plane of were matter and ideas turn into thought to experience the rebirth of “A New Soul”. The function of memory acting on the soul is explained above and the memory that has been re birthed by its core existence experienced the cycle of time & death.

A thought is a lost memory 

The image sample gallery below representative the display of Karmic teaching forms of artistic expressions found on Spiritual Tree Community with each image with a brief overview. You may wish to visit the site by clicking here to view further information on the collection of images in the gallery.

The Highly Symbolic Power of Believe & The Strength of the Human Inner Faith is represented by the art in this image gallery slide show. The description of each image displayed can be accessed through The Speaking Tree Website link Click to Enter.

The Beginning of teachings..,

Shift Your Imagination to Purity

Requires you to understand the Knowledge & Wisdom behind The Teachings of Karma.

Teachings of Karma & Your Path of Faith

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