Sacred Knowledge & Acute Awareness of Historic Teachings

Religious texts began to be crippled by the teachings of sciences & philosophy that try to explain & answer humanities greatest questions of universal truths about our origins, future direction in our present and the greater purpose of our soul, body & mind. Many scholars have attempted and continue to attempt to seek & provide such answers from the past teachings & events of the many recorded scriptures & applied by visionary concepts & ideas of understandings of recorded events & encounters that are subjected to myths by some or true facts by others forming ideologies & beliefs of knowing the truth of our existence in any form or shape that we are able too.

Myths & facts may intertwine or be separated to explain the indifference of one ideology to another or similarly be used to suggest the common grounds of all theories. Building a bridge of knowledge & understanding of information communication between the many various methods explained as the artifacts of life built on faith of eternal life can be explained by the many theorist & the proposed mythologists.

The oldest available scriptures that intertwine myth for some & fact for others that may hold the answers humanity seeks would include the facts of the ancient Egyptian scripts coupled by the myths of Atlantis & Lemuria civilizations based on records of the MU scripts. Similarly both scriptures of ancient Egypt & Lemuria hold many common mythological ideology & factual information however you perceive it.

Findings in religious texts & other teachings immerses itself in the ideology of both ancient text & other documents presented by the many man schools of sciences & philosophy “where the origin of the past is always built upon the present of origin that in return creates the future. & we can apply the birth of this knowledge cycle at any stage of the future”.

This rebirth cycle of creation of origin quoted above is visible in any fundamental existing origin of its simplest form & can be used to explain the complexity of creation. For the system of life behaves collectively & individually in its natural formation just as all humans require breath collectively in our shared air atmosphere as they also each breath individually. This simultaneous technique of breathing as collectives from air atmosphere & as complete individual breath separation is something we have been trying to understand within our current conditions of life form.

This concept states that we breath collectively yet we are totally separate breathing individually so what binds the collective breathing is an invisible life force of creation sometimes refereed to as god. The concept is the same where mysteriously their is an invisible force that is part of the collective binding them together and the same force existence and is visible & part of the individual as the individual.

“Religions have refereed it to be part of your individual will of self within you that is apart of Gods invisible will that we all may adhere too.”

The most simplistic overview of the simplest question that humanity ponders over in their quest for knowledge of truth was briefly explored in its idea of the concept that may apply to many forms or examples of information presented in text.

However i would like to say that the Ancient Egyptian Scriptures & Teachings provide great insight into knowledge & wisdom of the rebirth & life cycle of existence known as death. There are lot of myths surrounding the origins of the Pharaohs due to the profound wisdom they hold symbolic to the key of life and they actually dedicated their complete priority of the lifetime energy to their journey in the afterlife & the book of the dead was a guide of that afterlife. Modern religions too nominate & dedicate priority of the individual soul to prepare in its current lifetime for the afterlife importantly the entry to heaven & not hell.

This example is only the birth of the shadow behind the meanings & common grounds of understanding incorporating the detailed life cycle. To further examine the example many elements such as time, matter and others factors are needed to be highlighted & compared when studied in detail to preserve the true meaning behind the wisdom of truth in any ideology.

I found a series of videos on YouTube that explain ancient Egyptian teachings in profound simple clarity speaking of the great wisdom of that time of knowledge & the truth of mastery that was known & obtained to those ancient civilizations.



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