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A Selection of websites & online communities are added or highlighted that provide interactive & rich news media content on the past, present & future of our spirituality & purpose towards enlightenment & presenting knowledge of material content & evidence presented by these communities & their narrators. This posts highlights New Earth Daily Homepage & introduces the type of media content present.

The #1 Source for positive news; Visit the website by clicking here or image below. 


About New Earth Daily;

Have you noticed lately that the world is rapidly changing? Whether it’s on the global scene or in our very own back yards, a great shift seems to be upon us. People are coming together now from all walks of life with the common vision that a peaceful, loving, transparent, and united world emerges. New Earth Daily is honored to align with these core foundations, and to be part of the global shift into higher consciousness.

New Earth Daily was founded on the intention of making positive news mainstream news. We know many of our readers have long stopped watching or reading mainstream news, because it mostly focuses on what is not working in the world instead of what actually is working. We at New Earth Daily want to change that. There is so much joy & magic in the world, and our intention is to share this magic with you.

The domino affect is a principle based on the idea that we have the ability to affect the world around us through words, actions, & deeds. We are excited to use the platform of this website to create a domino affect that greatly contributes to us all coming together as a global family through joy and love.

We know you like to stay informed about what’s going on in the world, so we are grateful you’ve made us your #1 source for positive news & information. Whether we are the first thing you read in the morning or the last thing you read before you sleep, we are honored to anchor a New Earth with you.


New Earth Daily




One response to “New Earth Daily – “Source for positive news”

  1. I was a subscriver of your news journal…I would like to receive the news journal again…I truly enjoyed it..please give me the information I need to such scribe again


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