Online Islamic Forum Discussions first attracted my attention and inputs on their online discussion forum when i came across the topic of – Why “Same-Sex Marriage” is not allowed in Islam?. You may view my comments & responses to those comments by clicking the following link. 

The discussions are mainly oriented around the guidelines of Islam with perceptions of knowledge and understanding that are based on the views of understanding of the responding individual according to his/her knowledge of the Holly Quran.

I found that generally their responding approach was based on strict guidelines of a set of universal physical laws that are perceived by the responding individuals understanding of faith and teachings of his/her own faith implemented in day to day rituals of Islamic way of being that commonly seems to be lacking an intermediate medium of mutual understanding between of those whom oppose the views for various individual reasons presented in the discussion.

“The following YouTube Video is an approachable overview of the many truths of Islam appropriate in today’s sensitive modern views that is therefore widely misunderstood and misinterpreted or relayed incorrectly and not fully informed information about Islam is made due to the lack of effective communication means & understanding. The following explanation i found brings forth evidence and the clear message of peaceful actions behind the Islamic Ideology of truth and way of life.” 

I have personally registered a user identification and commonly engage on this site in discussions and would recommend as otherwise to explore the many various topics facing us in life as presented by the site mediators.

I have built a strong attraction and core values over years of faith towards Islam and in my view this has acted as a strong guideline to my understanding of the greatness of my individual will in comparison with the creators will responsible for the collectives and this to me highlights the purpose of the great relationship that the individual will carries and the values  through which the core teachings of Islam helps us understand this.

It is a great way to the opportunity & challenge to be able to perpetrate your own choices against the collective choices of a common equal path way that is purely achievable through the righteousness of peaceful actions and movement for a common goal in attainment.

If you have any comments or suggestions on Topics you would like to engage in outlined and discussed on forum please leave your suggestions and comments, click here to visit forum.

If i was to summarize religion in Islam then Islam i would state is the holy relationship of peace between the individual sacred space of life and the eternal contributions that give a meaningful attraction between yourself, extended peacefulness and feelings without comprising your state of eternal being in a sacred space to be able to act upon all that has been meant to be seen, heard, felt & smelt both by experience in the now and attainment of the future. It is a blessing to be in coexistence at one with yourself and of that blessing that is carried upon us to become at one fullness  with each others thoughts & actions in peace and the many blessed names of creation.

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